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Q: What do we look for in candidates that want to join Delta Sigma Pi?

A: We look for people who will help us maintain an image of professionalism, as well as further the progress of the fraternity. Delta Sigma Pi has a lot to offer, and as with any activity, what you get out of it is what you put into it.

Q: Why should I join a business fraternity?

A: Business fraternities offer a unique opportunity for you to challenge and improve yourself. No other type of business organization provides a strong development program, an extensive alumni network, or a sense of brotherhood only gained through the pledging experience that a business fraternity provides. Not only is Delta Sigma Pi a professional organization, but it is a social network, as well.  We hold semi-annual formals, travel together, go on camping trips to Dippikill, and participate in intramural sports such as dodgeball, volleyball and softball.

Q: What is the time commitment for pledging? What is the program like?

A: The pledge program lasts for roughly eight weeks. It is designed to build brotherhood and professionalism and prepare each pledge to become a brother in the fraternity. Pledging Delta Sigma Pi is an experience that will challenge you, as well as shape you into a professional and accomplished individual.  Public speaking, interviewing skills, time management skills, networking and teamwork are some of the things we instill in you to prepare for the business world.  The skills and knowledge you will gain during the pledging process will give you the confidence and determination to be come successful in whatever field of business you choose.  The value of your experience with DSP equals the amount of time you are willing to commit.

Q: How many pledges does Deltasig take each semester?

A: There is no fixed number of candidates we take each semester. The size of the pledge class depends on the quality of the applicant pool. Pledge classes have ranged from eight to twenty pledges in past semesters.

Q: I’ve applied in previous semesters, but didn’t receive a bid. Should I reapply?

A: Absolutely! We look at re-applications as a sign of dedication, persistence, and commitment. Be sure to illustrate how you’ve developed since last applying and what you’ve done to get closer to accomplishing your goals.

Q: Which criteria are used when deciding whom is given a bid?

A: Deltasig weighs candidates’ GPA and coursework along with their application, essay, and performance in interviews. We are interested to see that candidates have maintained top performance in their academics while taking the initiative to pursue their goals and interests outside of school, business-related or not.

Q: What can I expect at the recruitment events?

A: The recruitment events are a time for brothers to meet candidates and see what they are like off paper and away from the interview room. We’re interested in finding out who you are, what motivates you, and what you’re passionate about. Also it’s the time to test out Delta Sigma Pi, to see if the it’s the right fit for you. Ask many questions and get to know as many brothers ask you can. Above everything, be yourself!