Who we are:

The Zeta Psi Chapter of the International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi is more than just a business fraternity. Despite our heavy focus on the world of business, we work extensively with the local community. Each semester the chapter organizes and attends numerous community service events. We understand the importance to give back to the area around us, and in the past have worked with organizati


ons such as The Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, and Relay for Life, among others.

Brotherhood is one of the main themes of our organization. We are more than just members in a fraternity- every brother is there for one another at all times. Whether it lettersis to provide some help during the long study sessions in the library; or if your car breaks down on the side of the road, you can always count on a Brother to be there for you.

The Brothers of the Zeta Psi Chapter have made it their mission to recruit the finest talent that the campus has to offer. Only the best will be allowed acceptance in order to maintain the prestigious and successful fraternity DSP has come to represent. If you’re interested in being recruited by the Delta Sigma Pi, Zeta Psi Chapter, be sure to attend any of the three initial Recruitment events every Fall and Spring. Make your presence known- we’re looking forward to meeting you.